REET Exam Notes 2022, BSER REET Level 1 & Level 2 Study Material Pdf Subject Wise

REET Exam Notes 2022 BSER REET Level 1 & Level 2 Study Material Download Pdf Subject Wise:- The Rajasthan Board has released REET 2022 New Exam Date. It will be conducted on 23rd & 24th July 2022. Candidates who have applied Application Form, They will check REET Exam Notes 2022 for Better preparation. REET Exam Study Material for Level 1/Level 2 Exams provided in below on this page.

REET Exam Notes 2022

The Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education department has announced notification for REET Exam 2022. For the help of candidates, We will host REET Exam Notes 2022 links to you. The recruitment released for 46500 vacancies for Level 1 & Level 2. Contenders can get REET Exam Study Material PDF through this post. They can make use of this notification if the needed be. Application process will be done only through online mode, Then they can prepare for their written exams. In the exam question will be ask on Rajasthan History, Rajasthan Geographical Location, Culture etc. So candidates can read exam related topics of REET by help of REET Level 1 & Level 2 Study Material Subject wise. We have given below links of Rajasthan REET Exam Notes & Study Material for you.

REET Exam Notes 2022

BSER REET Study Material Subject wise Download

At Present there are various books and coaching institutes are available in market but only right approach will help you to qualify Rajasthan REET exam. So we are providing REET Study Material, REET Books comprises of all topics, solved examples along with study topics. Candidates are advised to start preparing for Rajasthan Eligibility Examination for Teachers(REET) in structured manner. They must read BSER REET Study Material Subject Wise also. BSER is responsible to conduct REET examination to test eligibility of applicants to recruit them for teacher posts in state. Candidates have started preparing for REET 2022 through various sources but only those will qualify who prepare hard in organized way.

हेलो दोस्तों, यहाँ पर हमने रीट के सब्जेक्ट वाइज नोट्स लिंक्स अपडेट किये है। अभियार्थी जो की रीट लेवल 1 & लेवल 2 का एग्जाम मटेरियल डाउनलोड करना चाहता है, यहाँ से कर ले। हम आगे भी राजस्थान रीट के एग्जाम नोट्स प्रोवाइड करवाते रहेंगे, तो आप यहाँ से सब्जेक्ट वाइज टॉपिक्स देख सकते है।

Download REET Level 2 Syllabus PDF in Hindi Download- Class 6th to 8th

Download REET Level 1 Syllabus Download Pdf in Hindi Class 1st to 5th

REET Level 1 & Level 2 Exam Notes Download

We have already release REET Level 1 Syllabus Subject Wise & Level 2 Syllabus also. In below you can check topics of Written Exam.

reet exams notes 2021

Level 1 Exam Notes Subject wise

  • Child Development and Pedagogy.
  • Mathematics
  • Environment Studies.
  • Language-I (English/Hindi/Gujarati/Punjabi/ Sindhi)
  • Language-II (English/Hindi/Gujarati/Sindhi/Punjabi)

Level 2 Exam Notes/ Study Material

  • Language-I (English/Hindi/Gujarati/Punjabi/ Sindhi)
  • Language-II (English/Hindi/Gujarati/Sindhi/Punjabi)
  • Social Studies.
  • Mathematics & science.
  • Child Development and Pedagogy.

Rajasthan REET Exam Notes Subjects Wise Download

Candidates can pay the focus on links, Which have complete REET Exam Notes Subjects Wise topics also. Our experts fetch out the Top Coaching Institutes Notes for Exam.

REET Exam English Notes by Shriram Coaching Level 1 & Level 2

REET-Exam Political Sciences Notes Level 1 & Level 2

REET-Exam Psychology Notes for Level 1 & 2 Shri Ram Coaching

BSER REET Sanskrit Notes Level 1 & 2 Download

Psychology Notes Latest

reet study material latest

Que– सीखना व्यवहार में उत्तरोत्तर सामंजस्य की प्रक्रिया है, यह कथन किसका है ?
Ans– स्किनर।

Que– चिंतन एवं कल्पना शक्ति के आधार पर व्यक्तित्व का वर्गीकरण किसने किया है ?
Ans– थोर्नडाईक

Que– “एक व्यक्ति उसी अनुपात में बुद्धिमान है जिस अनुपात में वह अमूर्त चिंतन करने योग्य है” परिभाषा किसकी है?
Ans– टरमन

Que– राम प्रत्येक वस्तु को उसके गुण-दोषों के बारे में चिंतन करने के बाद ही खरीदता है, यह किस बात का उदाहरण है?
Ans– आलोचनात्मक चिंतन का।

Que– कोई छात्र कल्पना करता है कि पढ़ाई खत्म करने के बाद वह एक बड़ा ऑफिसर बनेगा, उसके पास एक सुन्दर बांग्ला होगा जिसमे एक चमचमाती कार होगी और उस कार में वह अपनी बीवी के साथ बैठकर सैर करेगा, यह उदाहरण है ?
Ans– स्वली चिंतन का।

Que– मनोसामाजिक सिद्धांत का प्रतिपादन किसने किया ?
Ans– एरिक एरिक्सन

Que– अभिप्रेरणा अधिगम का सर्वोत्कृष्ट राजमार्ग है, यह कथन है ?

Ans– स्किनर का

Que– संक्रमण की अवस्था किसे कहते है ?
Ans– किशोरावस्था

Que– बालोद्यान पद्धति में बालक को किसकी संज्ञा दी गयी है ?
Ans– पौधे की।

Que– सम्पूर्ण शिक्षण प्रक्रिया की अवस्थाऍ होती है ?

Ans– 3

REET Psychology Notes

REET Exam Subject Wise Study Material Download

We are also giving REET Exam Study Material books that consists topics in very simple language. Candidates will not get any difficulty to understand concepts. The content is in flow that applicants will have interest while reading it. In REET 2022 Study material, We are providing Subject wise topics, notes, previous year question papers, solved practice books and various other things. The material is compiled by our team from various sources. So our REET Exam Notes & Exam material is enough to qualify test. you just need to work hard.

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