Black Fungus Disease Symptoms In Hindi, Infection Causes, Treatment

Black Fungus Disease (Mucormycosis)

Mucormycosis or Black Fungus is a very rare infection. It is caused by exposure to Mucor mould which is commonly found in soil, plants, decaying fruits and vegetables. In India, Black Fungus infection is spreading too rapidly. Various states had declared the Black Fungus Disease as Notifiable Disease. Therefore, in this COVID19 pandemic period the Mucormycosis or Black Fungus is serious problem. Doctors are now also reporting the cases involving a rare infection (also called the “black fungus”) among recovering and recovered Covid-19 patients. Black Fungus is a Mycosis or Fungal Infection. Numerous peoples becoming dead due to Infection of Black Fungus. Mucormycosis or black fungus symptoms can be fatal if not properly treated and with the existing strain on medical services in Gurgaon, all citizens, COVID infected or otherwise, should learn the various sign and symptoms of black fungus, certain preventive measures, and the answer to the question of how does mucormycosis spread. Furthermore, community have to control spreading of this infection through many ways. So, check Black Fungus Disease Symptoms In Hindi, Infection Causes, Treatment detail here. Black Fungus Disease

Types of Mucormycosis or Black Fungus

The symptoms of Black Fungus infection depend on where the fungus in the body is growing. Check different types of Black Fungus Diseases here.

  1. Rhinocerebral (Sinus & Brain) Mucormycosis
  2. Pulmonary (Lungs) Mucormycosis
  3. Cutaneous (skin) Mucormycosis
  4. Gastrointestinal Mucormycosis.
  5. Disseminated Mucormycosis

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Black Fungus Infection Symptoms

The Black fungus infection announce notified disease on the lines of COVID19. Black fungus infection is leading the prolonged Morbidity (Disease State) and Mortality (Death Rate) among COVID-19 patients. All peoples now have to take prevention from the Mucormycosis.

  • “ब्लैक फंगस”, आमतौर पर उन लोगों को संक्रमित करता है रोग प्रतिरोधक क्षमता कम होती है।
  • नाक पर कालापन आ जाना।
  • नाक का रंग बिगाड़ना मलिनकिरण
  • नजर धुंधली होना।
  • दोहरी दृष्टि की समस्या होना।
  • सीने में दर्द होना।
  • सांस लेने में कठिनाई महसूस होना।
  • खांसी में खून आना।
  • एक तरफा चेहरे की सूजन।
  • सिरदर्द, बुखार।
  • पेट में दर्द और उल्टी

Black Fungus Symptoms

Cause of Black Fungus Mucormycosis Infection

As per the Doctors or Physicians, Black Fungus is present almost everywhere. Black Fungus generate automatically in the different conditions. If you are in contact with given Black Fungus Causes then you will be infected with Mucormycosis.

  1. Fungus usually grow on Plants, Rotting Soil, Manure, Rotting Fruits and Rotting Vegetables.
  2. Mucormycosis is ubiquitous as it seen in Air and Soil.
  3. Patients who are recently got rid of COVID19 are prone to Black Fungus.
  4. This infection also seen in the Cancer and HIV/ AIDS patients.
  5. Patients of normal age group 35 Years who facing this problem.

Note: Black Fungus Infection is confirmed in the Mucus of Healthy Person.

Black Fungus Disease Treatment

Friends, Prevention is the first stage of Cure. Therefore, take essential prevention which takes away you from the Black Fungus Infection. In Black Fungus Disease Prevention, you get check your Sugar Level time to time. Check essential Treatment of Black Fungus Infection as mentioned here.

  • काले फंगस के संक्रमण की दवा समय पर दी जाए तो इससे बचा जा सकता है।
  • म्यूकोर्मिकोसिस के उपचार में एंटी फंगल दवा अंतः शिरा इंजेक्शन से प्रभावी है।
  • कोरोना वायरस के इलाज के बाद डॉक्टर के संपर्क में रहे।
  • म्यूकोर्मिकोसिस से प्रभावित व्यक्ति को गुर्दे, लिवर जैसे अन्य अंगों को जांच करवाना चाहिए।
  • स्टेरॉयड की सही खुराक सही समय पर लेनी आवश्यक है।

Black Fungus Infection Prevention/ Drugs

Note: To prevent this Mucormycosis Infection, Doctors give Steroid Injections to the patients on time. People in an extreme immune compromised state (Low Immunity) are likely to contract this infection. Diabetologists are raise caution that the Mucormycosis/ Black Fungus Disease is increasing due to COVID-19. It is advised people to keep their sugar levels under check to reduce the risk of Black Fungus Infection. Our team is discussing Black Fungus Symptoms In Hindi, Infection Causes, Treatment/ Prevention here.

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