CBSE 10th New Exam Pattern 2022-23, All Subject New Paper Pattern Download

CBSE 10th New Exam Pattern 2022-23, All Subject New Paper Pattern Download:- The Central Board of Secondary Education released CBSE 10th New Exam Pattern 2022-23. Students who have admit in Standard 10th, They are check CBSE New Paper Pattern 2022 Subject Wise also. According to Newspapers, Board planning to make some changes in exam pattern of 10th class that would include changes in exam scheduled for vocational subjects.

Latest Update:- CBSE : अगले साल 14 प्रतिशत की जगह 22 से 25 फीसदी रहेगा ऑब्जेक्टिव टाइप क्वेश्चन का वेटेज, एग्जाम पैटर्न – बोर्ड के सैंपल पेपर जारी, 15 फरवरी से एक ही टर्म में होंगे एग्जाम

सीबीएसई ने अगले साल होने वाली बोर्ड परीक्षाओं के सैंपल पेपर जारी कर दिए है। 2023 में बोर्ड एग्जाम में ऑब्जेक्टिव टाइप क्वेश्चन का वेटेज 22 से 25 फीसदी रहेगा। कोविड से पहले मात्र 14 से 15% सवाल ही एमसीक्यू के रहते थे। एस्पात्तेर्ण से कम्पटीशन एग्जाम देने वाले छात्रों को फायदा मिलेगा। सीबीएसई पहले ही स्पष्ट कर चुका है कि 2023 में एक बार ही बोर्ड एग्जाम कंडक्ट होंगे। 

यह है सीबीएसई के सैंपल पेपर्स में मार्क्स का वेटेज
फिजिक्स-केमिस्ट्री बायोलॉजी मैथ्स
अंक 70 अंक 70 अंक 80
समय (मिनट में) 180 समय (मिनट में) 180 समय (मिनट में) 180
प्रश्नों की संख्या 35 प्रश्नों की संख्या 33 प्रश्नों की संख्या 38
एमसीक्यू की संख्या 18 एमसीक्यू की संख्या 16 एमसीक्यू की संख्या 18
एमसीक्यू के अंक 18 एमसीक्यू के अंक 16 एमसीक्यू के अंक 18
वेटेज प्रतिशत 25.7 वेटेज प्रतिशत 22.85 वेटेज प्रतिशत 22.5

CBSE 10th New Exam Pattern 2022-23

Hello Students, Are you finding CBSE New Exam Pattern 2022-23? then you are on right page. Our Team has provide the Subject Wise CBSE Paper Pattern 2022. Through the help of CBSE 10th New Exam Pattern, You can get good Score in the Final Examinations. It is not easy task, But it can be done by the hard work & patience. Students can search CBSE 10th Class New Paper Pattern 2022-23 also. We have provide CBSE Marks Pattern for Class 10th. CBSE is likely to offer an option for candidates to select level of question paper. From now a student may select whether to answer a standard level or the existing-level question paper.

This change has only been made for CBSE Class 10th Mathematics paper. According to reports, The board has decided to revamp pattern of examination paper for classes 10 and 12. A proposal to this effect has submitted to Ministry of Human Resource Development with plans to implement changes from next academic session.

CBSE 10th New Exam Pattern 2022-23

Why is CBSE introducing these changes for class 10, 12?

MHRD sources, agencies reported that initiative of this pattern change is being taken to discourage students from learning.

  • The new pattern would test students on their analytical skills and reasoning abilities instead of blind copy pasting of textbook.
  • The board has claimed that this step will generate a better result and the academic quality of institutions will be renewed.

CBSE Class 10th Date Sheet 2022 Download

सीबीएसई : बदलेगा 12वी बोर्ड का प्रश्न पत्र पैटर्न
अब होगा छात्रों की क्षमता का आंकलन

  • ये परिवर्तन हैं संभावित
  • बहुविकल्पीय प्रश्न होंगे ज्यादा
  • इंग्लिश में करीब 50 फीसदी सवाल बहुविकल्पीय
  • मैथ्स और फिजिक्स में केस स्टडी आधारित सवाल

CBSE Class 10th New Plan 2022

Some major changes expected to be introduced in the new CBSE Exam Pattern are:

  • Question papers to be designed to check problem-solving and analytical thinking of students
  • Paper pattern to be revamped to include more short answer-type questions like those ranging from 1 to 5 marks
  • Vocational course exams to be conduct in February, and the final board exams to conclude by March around 15 days as per a senior official.
  • Following the early wrapping up of boards, the results are likely to be declared earlier than the schedule followed in the current structure.

CBSE Board Exam Form 2022-23 Class 10th/ 12th

Most 8 Facts you should know about the new exam pattern

  1. The new exam pattern will be two-levelled instead of a single 100-mark paper that was the norm for Class 10 students up until now.
  2. An internal examination will be held in schools to determine whether a student can appear for the written exam.
  3. This internal exam will carry 20 marks, and subsequently, the common CBSE written exam will be of 80 marks instead of the usual 100 marks.
  4. New pattern will apply only to Mathematics and English papers.
  5. Only those students who pass the school-conducted internal exams will be qualified for the final written exams.
  6. Additionally, there will be a considerable change in the exam pattern specific to the Mathematics exam as well. This pattern is yet to be introduced, and each student will be able to choose the level of difficulty of the paper they answer.
  7. Current math syllabus will be called mathematics-standard while the easier version will be called mathematics-basic.
  8. One added condition for this pattern is that those students who opt for mathematics-basic will not be able to select the subject for higher studies.

CBSE Syllabus 2022-23 : Evaluation Scheme

Evaluation Scheme
Units Term-I Marks
I Chemical Substances-Nature and Behaviour : Chapter 1, 2 and 3 16
II World of Living : Chapter 6 10
III Natural Pheomena: Chapter 10 and 11 14
Units Term-II Marks
I Chemical Substances-Nature and Behaviour : Chapter 4 and 5 10
II World of Living : Chapter 8 and 9 13
IV Effects of Current : Chapter 12 and 13 12
V Natural Resources: Chapter 15 05
Total Theory (Term I+II) 80
Internal Assessment : Term I 10
Internal Assessment : Term II 10
Grand Total 100

CBSE class 10th Exam Syllabus 2022 – Subject Wise

CBSE has released Class 10th Paper Pattern for the academic session. You will get complete Marking Scheme of Class 10th. After analyzing the Board Exams in Class 10th, The exam conducting board has also brought CBSE New Exam Pattern 2022 and changes in the internal assessment (IA).

The class 10th is consists of total 100 marks which is subdivided as:

  • Annual Board Exam: 80 Marks
  • Internal Assessment: 20 Marks

Annual Examination

  • CBSE Class 10 Mark System, Maximum Marks are 80 for each subject.
  • Students need to secure 33% marks, which is passing marks in CBSE Class 10 out of 80 Marks in each subject.
  • For Each Subject Grades will be given.
  • Total Exam Time Duration:- 3 Hours

Internal Assessment (IA) Marks

  1. Periodic Tests (PT) – 10 Marks each
  2. Notebook Submission – 5 Marks
  3. Subject Activities – 5 Marks

Central Board of Secondary Education has asked all of its affiliated schools to reserve one hour for physical activity and outdoor games. Board has decided to allot marks for outdoor games & activities to each student as well. This one hour will be called Health Education and Physical & will come into effect in 2018 – 19 academic session. It is compulsory for all the students to participate in exam.

CBSE Class 10th Science Exam Pattern PDF Check

Central Board Class 10 Science Subject includes the basic concepts in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. There are total 27 Questions divided into 2 Sections A and B. The new exam pattern for CBSE Board Class 10th is given in the following table –

Section Name Questions Marks/Questions


1-2 1
3-5 2
6-15 3
16-21 5
B 22-27 2
  • There will be practical based questions comprising weightage of 12 marks.
  • 1 marks question must be answered in one sentence.
  • 2 marks questions – about 30 words.
  • 3 marks questions – about 50 words.
  • 5 marks questions – about 70 words.

CBSE 10th Social Science Marking Scheme/ Pattern Check

Social Science is considered one of the most scoring subjects in 10th class. As per the CBSE Marks Pattern for Class 10th, the authority covers entire syllabus of Geography, History, Civics, and Economics in Social Science.

The Social Science Marking Scheme of CBSE Class 10th is given in the below table.

Question Type Total Questions Marks/ questions
Very Short Answer Type Questions 1-7 1
Short Answer Type Questions 8-18 3
Long Answer Type Questions 19-25 5
Map Question for history 26-27 1
Map Question for Geography 28 3
  • 3 marks questions – about 80 words.
  • 5 marks questions – about 100 words.

Maths Paper Pattern for CBSE Class 10th Exam 2022

The exam pattern for CBSE Class 10th Board Exam has 4 sections, like  A, B, C and D. CBSE Class 10th Main Exams has 80 marks for 30 questions.

Unit Marks
I. Number Systems 06
II. Algebra 20
III. Coordinate Geometry 06
IV. Geometry 15
V. Trigonometry 12
VI. Mensuration 10
VII. Statistics & Probability 11

Internal Choice in sections where candidates have to attempt only one question.

  •  4 questions of 3 marks, in section C.
  • 3 questions of 4 marks, in section D.

Exam Pattern for Class 10th English 2022

CBSE Class 10th Marking Scheme for English Communicative is given below as per CBSE guidelines.

Section No. of Questions Total Marks
 A: Reading 1-2 20
B: Writing & Grammar 3-7 30
C: Literature 8-11 30

Section A :

  • This includes reading comprehension, wherein two unseen passages of 700 – 750 are given.
  • The passage can be factual, literary, or discursive to test comprehension skills.

Section B:

  •  This is the section the writing skills are examined.
  • Letter writing, Notice writing, Poster making, Article writing etc. are asked in B section.
  • This section also meant to test your skills in grammar like tenses, modals etc.

Section C:

  • This section is based on literature and poems from the book “First Flight”.
  • Questions are asked from the Literature Textbook and Extended Reading Text.

CBSE Class 10th Hindi Paper Pattern 2022

Hindi Syllabus is divided into 3 parts. 1st part provides you the knowledge about the grammar, 2nd part is for writing, and the other is about questions from the book. There will be a total of 14 questions divided into four parts

खंड प्रश्न अंक
खंड क – अपठित अंश 1-2 15
खंड ख – व्यवहारिक व्याकरण 3-6 15
खंड ग –  पाठ्य पुस्तक एवं पूरक पाठ्य पुस्तक 7-11 30
खंड घ – लेखन 12-14 20

CBSE Class 10th Information & Communication Technology 2022

This subject improves the computer literacy of the students. Here is the updated CBSE Paper Pattern of Class X.

S. No. Unit Name Marks in Theory Practical Marks
1. Computer Components and Interconnection 5
2. Advance AIMP 10 20
3. Advanced HTML 20 40
4. Network Security 5
Total 40 60

Design of Practical Paper Pattern –

  • Hands on Experience – 30 Marks
  • IT Application Report File – 15 Marks
  • Project Work – 10 Marks
  • Viva Voice – 5 Marks

CBSE Class 12 Exam Pattern: What are the major changes?

  1. Internal assessment in all subjects
  2. More Number of Objective Type questions
  3. Increased Number of Internal Choices in Different Questions

Class 10th Foundation IT Exam Pattern Check

This Subject “Foundation of Information Technology” provides student advanced knowledge about Internet, Computers and its Applications after studying its basics in Class 9th. After studying Foundation of IT in Class 9th, The advanced knowledge about Internet, Computers and its applications is given in Class X.

S. No. Unit Name CBSE Marking Scheme for Class 10th 2020
Theory Marks Practical Marks
1. Basics of Information Technology 10
2. Information Processing Tools 25 30
3. Societal Impact of IT 05
4. IT Applications 30
40 60

Design of Practical Paper Pattern –

  • Hands on Experience – 30 Marks
  • IT Application Report File – 15 Marks
  • Project Work – 10 Marks
  • Viva Voice – 5 Marks

Class 10th Health & Physical Education Exam Pattern

Physical Education is one of the most opted elective subjects by the students. Check below complete Paper Pattern of Class 10th Physical Education in the same format as released by CBSE.

Marks Pattern for Phy. Education
Paper Code –  048 Total Marks – 100
Theory – 70 Practical – 30
Time Duration – 3:00 hours Total No of Questions – 26
  • Question 1-11 carries 1 mark – about 20- 30 words.
  • Question 12-19 carries 3 marks – about 80 -100 words.
  • Quest. 20 – 26 carries 5 marks – about 150 -200 words

Click Here to View CBSE 10th Class Exam Pattern Latest PDF

Yet the Central Board has submitted this proposal to the ministry for approval. However, The board is already working toward implementing the changes in question paper by the year 2022-23. If you have query or suggestion regarding CBSE 10th New Exam Pattern 2022-23 then they comment to us.

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