देश के 14वें राष्‍ट्रपति बने रामनाथ कोविंद ये प्रमुख बातें कही अपने पहले भाषण में, India Rashtrapati Chunav Result

India Rashtrapati Chunav Result 2017

NDA candidate Ramnath Kovind will be the new President of the country for the presidential election. This is the India Rashtrapati Chunav Result 2017. At the beginning of the day’s counting of votes, Ramnath Kovind took a decisive lead on UPA candidate Meera Kumar. In the counting of votes so far, Ramnath Kovind got more than 65% votes. As soon as the NDA candidate’s victory comes, the BJP and allies have started celebrating victory. The BJP’s central office has also started the process of sharing fireworks and sweets, while the village of Kovind has a celebratory atmosphere since morning.
In the first round, Ramnath Kovind got 60 thousand 683 votes and Meera Kumar got 22 thousand 941 votes. After this, the figure of counting of votes was given at two o’clock in which Ramnath Kovind got total 4,79,585 votes and Meera Kumar got 2,04,594 votes. With this, the victory of Ramnath Kovind was decided.

India Rashtrapati Chunav 2017

देश के नए महामहिम होंगे रामनाथ कोविंद, पीएम मोदी और अमित शाह ने दी बधाई

Rashtrapati Chunav latest updates/ India Rashtrapati Chunav Result 2017

  • In the counting till two o’clock, Ramnath Kovind got total votes of 479585 and Meera Kumar got 204594 votes.
  • Ramnath Kovind got a total of 552 MPs, while Meira Kumar was voted by 225 MPs.
  • Beyond counting in the counting Meera- Why would I be bothered, I am a warrior and I will continue fighting for the people of my country.
  • First round of voting, NDA candidate Ramnath Kovind got 60 thousand 683 and Meira Kumar 22 thousand 941 votes.
  • During the counting of votes, opposition candidate Meera Kumar said that there is a commitment to values ​​politics which will always be maintained.
  • Before the victory, celebration of NDA candidate Ramnath Kovind has started to be celebrated in Parakh
  • Havan worship is being done for his victory in Kawand’s home district Kanpur.

17 जुलाई को हुआ था मतदान, 99 फीसदी हुई थी वोटिंग

India Rashtrapati Chunav Result 2017:- Let us know that voting for the presidential election was held on July 17, in which voting was concluded in both 31 Houses of Legislative Assemblies in addition to the two Houses of Parliament. In which 776 MPs and 4,120 MLAs had the right to vote. Explain that the total electoral votes in the electoral college are 10,98,903.

Vote for ballot paper was used for the presidential election, for which special pen and ink were used. After this, all the ballot boxes were sealed in Parliament House premises. Today, counting is going on.

If the count of votes is deemed to be understood, then a candidate who does not get much votes will win, but he wins the candidate, who gets a half-weight or more than the share of MPs and legislators’ votes.

India Rashtrapati Chunav Result 2017

India’s 14th President Ramnath Kovind Declared

भारत के 14वे राष्ट्रपति रामनाथ कोविंद घोषित

राष्ट्रपति चुनाव एनडीए उम्मीदवार रामनाथ कोविंद के जीत लिया है और वह देश के 14वें राष्ट्रपति होंगे। उन्हें 66 फीसदी वोट मिले हैं। वहीं विपक्ष की उम्मीदवार मीरा कुमार को 34 फीसदी वोट मिले हैं। रामनाथ कोविंद की जीत पर पश्चिम बंगाल की मुख्यमंत्री ममता बनर्जी ने उन्हें बधाई दी है।

राष्ट्रपति चुनाव में रामनाथ कोविंद की 702044 मत और विपक्ष की उम्मीदवार मीरा कुमार को 367314 मत हासिल हुए हैं। रामनाथ कोविंद ने मीरा कुमार को 3.34 मतों से हराया है।

11 राज्‍यों में किसको मिले कितने वोट:

बिहार : कोविंद -22490, मीरा कुमार -18867
छत्तीसगढ़ः कोविंद- 6708, मीरा कुमार- 4515
झारखंडः कोविंद- 8976, मीरा- 4576
आंध्र प्रदेश : रामनाथ कोविंद – 27189, मीरा कुमार – 0
अरुणाचल प्रदेश : कोविंद – 448, मीरा कुमार -24
असम : कोविंद – 10556, मीरा कुमार – 4060
गोवाः कोविंद- 500, मीरा- 220
गुजरातः कोविंद- 19404, मीरा- 7203
हरियाणाः कोविंद- 8176, मीरा- 1792
हिमाचल प्रदेशः कोविंद- 1530, मीरा- 1887
जम्मू एवं कश्मीरः कोविंद- 4032, मीरा- 2160

Ramnath Kovind, PM Modi and Amit Shah will be the new Majesty of the country

India is ready to find out the identity of its 14th President as counting of votes takes place on Thursday. Voting took place on Monday, in which the Electoral College – 776 Members of Parliament and more than 4,000 Members of Legislative Assembly – cast their ballot. Close to 99 percent voting was recorded.

Ram Nath Kovind, the candidate fielded by the Bharatiya Janata Party-led National Democratic Alliance, is expected to coast to a landslide victory with at least 40 parties expected to back him and propel him to nearly 70 percent of the vote. His main rival is Meira Kumar, the former Lok Sabha Speaker, was fielded by the Congress-led Opposition parties and is believed to have the support of less than 20 parties.

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